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Termits may be invading your home at this very moment without your knowledge! Termites colonies live in the ground and can enter a home through cracks in the foundation wall or any other access point they can exploit in search of food. Termites feed on plants, trees and wood and live in the dirt outside the home. Colonies living in the soil will live in a dirt mound and build elaborate mud tunnels in order to travel around and above ground in search of food.

One sign of a termite infestation in your home could be visible mud tubes along walls or beams. A second indication could be a termite swarm. Once a colony matures, termites will swarm, usually during springtime, in order to mate. During a swarm, a homeowner may see the termites flying near windows or bright areas of a home.



Treament for a termite infestation can vary depending on the infestation as well as the property. Our treatments include drilling into the ground along the entire foundation wall and pumping the chemical Termador into the ground. Drilling and treating along areas where a wooden frame may contact the ground, such as a doorframe, of garage door, is also a necessity in order to perform a complete treatment. When treating the exterior of the home, areas where concrete, brick or stone is present, the same drilling technigue is performed, and the area is given the same chemical treatment. In the case where grass or a lawn is present along the outside of the home, we will dig a trench in the dirt and flood the area with the appropriate amount of chemical required to create a barrier along the entire height of the foundation wall. The combination of treating inside the home as well as all areas surrounding the exterior of the home creates the chemical barrier, which will keeps the termites from penetrating your home. Areas of structural damage in the home, to beams for example, where active termites may be will be treated by probing the area and injecting chemical.

The purpose of a full termite treatment, is meant to kill off any existing termite colonies, as well as provide a lasting barrier to entry, thus preventing any future infestations.




The chemical used by Alpine Termite & Pest Control is called Termidor. When a termite treatment is performed, the Termidor chemical bonds to the soil along the homes foundation wall and creates a tight "Treatment Zone." The chemical is odorless and will not pose any threat to the homeowner once in the soil. It is recommended once the treatment is performed, the soil not be disturbed, as this will break the treatment barrier and expose the home to risk. Termidor has the ability to kill termites for up to 7 years, provided the chemical barrier is not compromised.

Termidor kills termites in two ways. Termites are killed if the chew or eat any wood that has been treated with the chemical. Termidor also kills on contact. The termites have no indication the chemical is in the soil and no ability to detect or avoid it. When they crawl through the treated soil and come in contact with the chemical, they are killed.

Feel free to visit the Termidor website for more information!

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